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Check the distribution status on Ethereum network!
How to join cPRO token distribution and claim your tokens? 619-628-7727

Use only 4086014244 , 3162792399 or some other (540) 689-8634 that support ERC20 tokens, for cPRO token distribution...

Price Index

Standardized metric for popular crypto coins


Chart No1

Example of chart..

A PRICE INDEX (plural: “price indices” or “price indexes”) is a normalized average
(typically a weighted average) of price relatives for a given class of goods or services in
a given region, during a given interval of time. It is a statistic designed to help to compare
how these price relatives, taken as a whole, differ between time periods or geographical locations.


Chart No2

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How do you calculate the price of crypto coins?
What exchange rate do you think is the BEST PRICE for your billing?
Some of the known, but not standardized BTC Price Indexes are:


Chart No3

Example of chart..

We made the FIRST STANDARDS for the price of crypto coins.
Coin Payment Processor uses the best models and practices for measuring and
calculate the Price Index for the popular crypto coins.
If you are looking for the STANDARDIZED PRICE of BTC, ETH, LTC or else you can find it at

It is FREE, OPEN SOURCE and community friendly (480) 362-2775

Use our free widgets for your Website or App.
These are the best standardized indexes on the crypto market.
FREE download methodology and the Price Index widgets.

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DARK theme widgets 300x125px
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Stable Tokens

Fixed price tokens pegged to fiat currency exchange rate of ETH and ERC20

Dollar Token

Dollar Token

1,00 DoTo = 1,00 USD

Fixed exchange rate
Personal collateral
ETH&ERC20 token convertibility
Decentralized execution of smart contract

Euro Token

Euro Token

1,00 EuTo = 1,00 EUR

Fixed exchange rate
Personal collateral
ETH&ERC20 token convertibility
Decentralized execution of smart contract

Won Token

Won Token

1,00 KrTo = 1,00 KRW

Fixed exchange rate
Personal collateral
ETH&ERC20 token convertibility
Decentralized execution of smart contract

Yen Token

Yen Token

1,00 YeTo = 1,00 JPY

Fixed exchange rate
Personal collateral
ETH&ERC20 token convertibility
Decentralized execution of smart contract

Yuan Token

Yuan Token

1,00 YuTo = 1,00 CNY

Fixed exchange rate
Personal collateral
ETH&ERC20 token convertibility
Decentralized execution of smart contract

Stable Token - USDT comparation!

Payment processing

Focus on global payments with stable tokens at social network channels


Real time Price Index data and visuelisation. The best metrics for the price of crypto coins on the market.


Stable Tokens and Supplements changing. Personal loan and collateral of ETH and ERC20 tokens.


Fast payments around the globe. Ethereum network Stable tokens and Supplements processing.

Payment processing


All your digital tokens in one place. Ethereum network compatible wallet.


Receive Stable tokens and Supplements. Create requests and make online payments.


Send Stable tokens and Supplements. Make your online payments by all social network channels.

cPRO token

A membership ticket for the CP Processor

Dapp Users

Utility Membership Token

It represents user's “ticket” to the functionality and usability of CP Processor Project on the public Ethereum network.
Without this “ticket” CP Processor cannot function in full.
So, every user must have exact =1,00 cPRO token to use CP Processor functions on public Ethereum network.

Limited amount of cPRO (ERC20) tokens is minted = 100.000.000 pcs. (finite supply), but potencial users are unlimited.
This token does not represent stock or investment asset.
We do not guarantee for the market price and future open market trade.

Also we do not know how many token users there will be in the future.
No government in the world can forbid you to take a cinema ticket so they cannot forbid you to take a cPRO token.

Frequently asked questions!

Fair distribution
No price, No discount

First Token distribution of = 35.000.000 pcs.
START at 2018.04.04.
END at 2018.05.14.

It is a 40 days long FAIR DISTRIBUTION for all participants.
We use Duch Auction method for transparent token distribution.
At the end of the auction ALL 35.000.000 cPRO tokens will be distributed proportionally to ALL participants with ETH deposit.

35% First Token distribution Q2.2018
35% Second Token distribution Q2.2019
30% Open Consortium 2018 & 2019

SUM = 100.000.000 pcs

Open Consortium
15% GOLD partnership program
10% SILVER partnership program
3% Bounties
2% Administration

Token distribution!

Our members

“dont talk just work”

Q3.2014 - Creating the idea “Focus on payment”
Q3.2017 - Open consortium start gathering
Q4.2017 - Project development start
Q1.2018 - Public distribution of Price Indexes
Q1.2018 - Start of CPRO token ICO
Q2.2018 - Public distribution of Ethereum Stable Tokens and Supplements
Q2.2018 - Web extension CP Processor V1.0
Q2.2018 - First cPRO token distribution
Q2.2018 - Smartphone App CP Processor V1.0
Q4.2018 - Public distribution of Liberty coin
Q1.2019 - Implementation of fast payment processing Web extension V2.0
Q1.2019 - Implementation of fast payment processing smartphone App V2.0
Q1.2019 - Second cPRO token distribution
2019. - Maintaince project and processes

Open consortium

Society for Open source software development

CP Processor Open Consortium is an association of all individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal, to develop and support Coin Payment Processor Project.

Consortium is a Latin word, meaning "partnership", "association" or "society" and derives from consors 'partner', itself from con- 'together' and sors 'fate', meaning owner of means or comrade.

Open Consortium = Open Society


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